Usability study with eye tracking as full-service solution

Would you like to have the usability of your website examined? We offer you eye tracking studies as a full-service-solution.

  • We implement a complete eye tracking study for you.
  • With your input, we design your study and implement relevant questions.
  • Our experts carry out your study with subjects, of course following your target group definition.
  • You will receive an evaluation report in which the results are presented in a clear and understandable way.
  • In addition, you have access to the EYEVIDO portal and view all data interactively. Here you can follow all results and create your own visualizations.
  • You can optionally book a presentation of the results via screen sharing.
Extract from an evaluation report

Extract from an evaluation report

Study Conduction

We carry out studies for you.

  • You develop your usability study and create the study in the EYEVIDO portal.
  • Our experts carry out your study with test persons and collect your data. The respondents will follow your target group definition.
  • The data is shown in your EYEVIDO portal. Each stored data record can be viewed as an intermediate result already during data collection.
  • You evaluate your data using the numerous visualization and analysis options of the EYEVIDO portal.

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