11 May 2021

100 eye tracking studies with awk AUSSENWERBUNG

Eyetracking für Aussenwerbung mit awk
awk AUSSENWERBUNG carries out 100th eye tracking study with EYEVIDO Lab

In 100 studies, awk’s eye-tracking team tested how billboards are perceived visually. The key factor here is which areas of an outdoor advertising poster attract the most attention in the first few seconds and which elements are ignored. This provides valuable information on how to optimize poster design to increase the effectiveness of campaigns.

For their research, awk uses our eye-tracking tool EYEVIDO Lab. An eye tracker uses infrared light to measure where test participants look at an on-screen design. This method provides both visual evaluations, such as heat maps, and numerical evaluations in the form of statistics for specific areas of the design. For example, it calculates which areas of a poster are viewed most intensively or how long it takes for a certain piece of information on the advertising poster to be fixated for the first time.

Awk AUSSENWERBUNG GmbH is the second largest provider of advertising space in Germany. With eye-tracking analyses, it offers its customers a much-appreciated service that is frequently used to optimize advertising campaigns.