04 May 2020

5 Common Myths About UX-testing on Live Websites, and Apps

5 myths UX Apps Website
UX is easier than you might think.

Myth #1 Usability testing is very time-consuming.
Truth: It takes only 6 clicks to create your study.

One of the biggest thresholds that keep companies from conducting UX research is the assumption that it is very time-consuming. But when done well it is the opposite: Usability testing doesn’t slow down the release process. If usability testing is integrated early into the development process, going live will be much smoother and faster. With EYEVIDO Lab, it just takes 6 clicks to create a study for your testers. Our cloud architecture also enables service providers to carry out the studies for you which allows you to look at the results afterward.

Myth #2: You must use a usability lab for valid results.
Truth: Our solution for Thinking-Aloud and Eye Tracking works online at any location even without a lab.

Our efficient eye-tracking solution with thinking-aloud, mouse-data, and scroll-maps is a simple online usability test method that does not require a special time, place, or equipment and allows you to conduct high-quality usability tests almost everywhere remotely. It is often more natural for participants to take part in a UX-study in the comfort of their own homes rather than having to test a product in an unfamiliar environment. Besides, participants from your target group will not always be able to attend the same location. Testing remotely also clears the way for transnational projects.

Myth #3: You should only test if you suspect a problem.
Truth: You will always have UX problems. The earlier you test the cheaper it is.

Imagine testing your final project after you have spent your entire budget on building your website or app only to find out that your users don’t understand how to use it. This is quite a common problem many companies are confronted with. If you wait to test until you have a hunch it’s too late to fix anything but the most minor problems. You’ll have to fix the core issues in the next release and spend even more money and time doing so. This is precisely why the saying “test early, test often” has become common advice in the field of UX.

Myth 4#: You need at least x amount of testers.
Truth: 95% of usability problems are found with just 10 testers.

Market researchers often deal with questions such as: “How large must the sample-size of participants be for it to be representative?” This may be a valid concern in market research but for usability-testing the most common misconception people have is that you need a large number of participants to conduct a conclusive study. Although it is counter-intuitive, 95% of usability problems are found with just 10 testers. We often notice how testers from completely different backgrounds run into the exact same UX problems.

Myth 5#: Mixed method research is complicated.
Truth: Qualitative and quantitative data can be recorded simultaneously.

A qualitative or quantitative research approach has its respective merit. There are still debates going around about which approach is better and in what order you should start. The truth is, you need both to make a balanced product decision and with EYEVIDO Lab you will automatically benefit from both approaches. Our eye-tracking, mouse, and scroll data will show you the metrics on how your visitors behaved while our thinking-aloud feature provides the thought process on why they did so.