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21 March 2019

EYEVIDO now supports all SMI REDn Eyetrackers

Hardware extension: EYEVIDO Lab can now record data with even more eye trackers

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Eyevido Lab
18 March 2019

New features in EYEVIDO Lab

With the last update, EYEVIDO Lab has again been enhanced with some exciting features, including a virtual tour and a viewport animation

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Logo Deutsche Telekom TechBoost program
12 March 2019

Participation in Deutsche Telekom’s TechBoost Program

Since this month we are participants in the TechBoost program of the Telekom.

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Usability-Testessen, Koblenz
26 February 2019

Third Usability-Testessen in Koblenz

The Usability-Testessen in Koblenz keeps on growing! 15 test stations and testers put the usability of various products to the test.

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EYEVIDO Test-Tag low price
06 February 2019


Omnibus research study - Our new and cost efficient eye tracking option!

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SME Conference 2018
19 November 2018

EYEVIDO at the SME Conference 2018

SMEs shape the digitalisation - we are part of it :-)

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World Usability Day, Hamburg
08 November 2018

EYEVIDO was represented by the World Usability Day in Hamburg

Tina and Steffi from the Deutsche Bank gave a lecture on the World Usability Day in Hamburg on the subject of "mobile usability-tests with eyetracking".

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Usability-Testessen, Koblenz
07 November 2018

Second Usability-Testessen in Koblenz

Test early and often! Many teststations and tester joined the second Usability-Testessen in Koblenz!

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Between the Towers, Frankfurt
06 November 2018

Tina gave a lecture at Between the Towers in Frankfurt

Tina gave a lecture about "Eyetracking in the cloud" at "Between the Towers" in Frankfurt.

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Reserach & Results, Munich
23 October 2018

EYEVIDO attend the Research & Results in Munich for the third time

EYEVIDO attend the Research & Results in Munich for the third time.

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