20 October 2015

Dr. Tina Walber as a speaker at the 2015 ux-congress

UX Congress
Dr. Tina Walber presented Crowd Eyetracking before of an international audience.

On October 20, 2015 Dr. Tina Walber gave a talk at this year’s user experience congress in Frankfurt. The focus of the congress was the question of how a successful interaction between users and digital products must be designed. Speakers from the usability and UX sector and the scientific community were invited to present their experiences and latest findings on the basis of studies and real practical examples.

Dr. Walber followed an invitation of our hardware supplier Tobii and presented the idea behind EYEVIDO in eye tracking session, which was staffed by top class representatives of several UX, usability and eye tracking companies. The talk was devoted to how the approaches of crowd sourcing can be transferred to eye tracking. The result: Crowd eye tracking. With it, eye tracking data is recorded locally, transmitted over the Internet and stored centrally on a server. Furthermore, the theoretical background and the practical implementation were presented. Finally, the benefits and challenges of this new approach were highlighted and new areas of application were identified.