17 June 2020

Eyetracking Remote – How the usability check succeeds during the corona pandemic

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How you can carry out usability studies with the help of EYEVIDO Lab despite a corona crisis without exposing those involved to a risk of infection

Why a user-friendly web presence is especially important now

In the meantime, businesses have reopened, but the anticipated rush for products often fails to occur. Hence, why more and more companies will now think about offering their products and services (additionally) online on their website or in their online shop. The pressure of competition is increasing because customers will then have even more choices. If they do not find their way around your website straight away, there is a risk that they will migrate to your competitors. But how can you counteract this now during the Corona crisis? We’ll tell you.

Detect user experience barriers, reduce bounce rates

If you are struggling with a high bounce rate, you should absolutely have your web presence tested for usability. After all, data collected in usability studies provides valuable information about user behavior and uncovers user barriers. Effective measures can be derived from this to make your online site more attractive and clearer for potential customers. In many cases, website optimization can reduce the bounce rate and improve the conversion rate. Even during the Corona period, eye tracking is an ideal tool for such a usability check.

Usability testing using eye tracking: a single glance says more than 1000 words

In order to objectively evaluate the user-friendliness of your web presence and to make out any weak points, it is important to view the website from the unbiased perspective of a potential new customer. Where do the eyes of the users linger on the screen? In what order do they perceive contents? Concrete answers to these questions can be obtained through eye-tracking.

How to identify user experience challenges even faster

Those who have the usability of their website tested comprehensively in a study instead of collecting the data in fragments in several partial studies save time and money. Our tips:

  • Capture gaze and interaction behavior simultaneously: Our eye-tracking software EYEVIDO Lab enables us to record the mouse data and hence the clicking and scrolling behavior of the test participants in addition to the eye movements. This shows how users interact with the website.
  • Integrate additional questionnaire elements into the study process: During the study, test participants carry out various online tasks that you have specified. After completing each subtask, the study participants are asked how easy it was for them to achieve the given goal. EYEVIDO Lab provides various questionnaire elements for this purpose, such as multiple-choice questions, open feedback, or ratings using a points scale.

The collected data is efficiently evaluated in the web portal.

But can eye-tracking studies during Corona pandemic be carried out at all?

Usually, these concerns would be justified. After all, usability testing, such as eye tracking studies, often takes place in a lab-like setting. Interviewers and test participants often work very closely together; have face-to-face contact. Under these circumstances, a transmission of the coronavirus could not be ruled out in a test situation.

Fortunately, there is an alternative for data collection: Thanks to the modern cloud architecture of EYEVIDO Lab, interviewers, test persons, and subjects no longer have to interact with each other in a confined space. This is because the data can be recorded at any location and accessed by the creator of the study in his or her home office.

Okay, but how does that work exactly?

Only a few steps are required to obtain the data for analyzing user behavior quickly, reliably, and easily.

Step 1: Create your eye-tracking study

A usability researcher logs into the EYEVIDO web portal and creates a study. They can easily determine which URL should be tested. It is also possible to specify the time period during which test participants are active on a website. In addition, the desired target group can be defined, for example, according to age or interests. As soon as the usability researcher releases the study for testing, our partnering companies select appropriate test participants.

Step 2: Test participants take part in the study independently

The software guides the test participants through a sequence of tasks and tested websites independently. There is no need for an instructional briefing about the course of the study. We make it possible to conduct eye-tracking studies at the following test locations:

  • In one of our partnered labs: Under hygienic and “corona-safe” conditions, test participants can take part in the study in one of our partner labs, for example in Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Leipzig, or Munich. The study participants stay alone in the room during the test, a device with an eye-tracker is available in the lab.
  • At home with the test participants: All you need is an eye tracker, an internet connection, and our software. We send the remote eye tracker to test participants by mail, they can download our software themselves. Thanks to the simple installation program and the automatic quality control of the data, the testers can participate in the study independently from their home offices.

All collected data is stored in the cloud.

Step 3: Viewing and evaluating data

The recorded data is displayed to the researcher in the web portal. They can view, analyze, and interpret the information collected in their home office.

Conclusion: With EYEVIDO Lab the usability check succeeds even during the corona crisis

With EYEVIDO Lab you receive accurate data on user behavior on your website despite the corona pandemic. At no time during the study will you expose the people involved to an increased risk of infection. No direct contact between participants and interviewers is necessary. Because:

  • The requirements and tasks can be specified by the study director in the home office with the help of the software.
  • The eye-tracking software is easy to install.
  • Due to the autonomous study flow of EYEVIDO Lab, the test participants can carry out the test independently.
  • The data quality is also ensured in the case of a stand-alone test.
  • The collected data is stored on the server. Thanks to the cloud service, the study director can also access them from his or her home office.

Outlook: Here’s what the results of eye-tracking studies will tell you

After the data has been evaluated, you can optimize the design of the user interface and consequently make your website or online shop more attractive for (potential) customers. You reduce the risk of losing interested visitors to the competition, which is probably becoming increasingly large due to the corona crisis. You also increase your chances of acquiring new customers.

Now improve the user experience with the help of eye-tracking remotely

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