26 November 2020

EYEVIDO goes webcam eye tracking

Now you can choose between infrared and webcam eye tracking for your usability testing

We have been asked by our customers if we could implement an option for webcam eye tracking. We listened and have great news! Our newest release is here, and it is the biggest update to our software yet: Our latest webcam eye tracking tool complete with all the features from EYEVIDO Lab. Now you’re able to choose between two eye tracking options: An infrared eye tracker like Tobii 4C or a webcam.

Because webcam eye tracking doesn’t require any external devices, participants no longer need to come to a lab. Instead they can test web pages remotely at home, at the office; even across the globe. No external eye tracking device is needed. Just our small gaze recording software and a set of eyes to track. Try it now for free!

Who is it for?

Compared to eye tracking with infrared devices, the out-coming eye tracking data is less accurate and reliable. Webcam eye tracking is however an alternative solution in certain situations, especially when infrared eye trackers are not readily available or when time is of the essence. You don’t have to be a professional or use any other equipment other than a webcam.
In some cases, it is a good alternative:

For anyone who always wanted to try out eye tracking

Always wanted to try out eye tracking but don’t know where to start? If you are unsure whether eye tracking is something you need, webcam eye tracking with EYEVIDO provides the perfect opportunity to test it out for free in your browser. We have specifically built EYEVIDO Lab to be user friendly and very intuitive. All you need to do is to insert the URL into our online tool and you can start creating your own webcam eye tracking test for live websites or apps, videos, and images right away.

For anyone who needs an instant solution for remote testing

Remote work is becoming more and more common and rapidly changing how the workspace operates. The global impact of COVID-19 has challenged the way we work and accelerated this process even further. Especially now, user testing in a lab environment can pose numerous challenges. Infrared eye trackers are not always easy to come by and can be quite costly or have long shipping times. Webcam eye tracking with EYEVIDO Lab can be done from your testers’ homes and is an alternative to conventional lab testing. The results are instant and immediately visible online.

For anyone who needs a validation for Thinking-Aloud Tests

Hearing what your users are saying while they test your website is a valuable source of feedback when it comes to user testing. Combine our Thinking-Aloud feature with our webcam eye tracking for additional input and see what your testers were looking at when they gave their opinion.

Fully-fledged usability tool with integrated analysis software now also with webcam

EYEVIDO Lab is a flexible cloud UX testing tool. Our mission has always been to make user testing easy and accessible to everyone. We are providing the highest quality data on the market. With our latest webcam eye tracking, all you need to start testing is an internet connection and a small windows app which records gaze data. We built several professional features but kept our interface intuitive and user friendly. Some of our most popular features include:

  • Heatmap visualizations
  • Gaze plot visualizations
  • Voice recording
  • Mouse data visualizations
  • Survey elements
  • AOIs and TOIs
  • Scroll-maps
  • InVision and Axure prototype testing

No matter what you test, our unique scene detection cuts the user session automatically in distinct parts. Showing the parts with thumbnails on a timeline makes the access to the scenes easy and fast.

What webcam eye tracking can and can’t tell you about attention

Webcam eye tracking can be a great alternative to infrared eye tracking in certain situations. Technology has come a long way and webcams no longer show a blurry, pixelated version of oneself but are even able to record HD videos. Although webcams have greatly improved, the quality of data still relies on environmental factors such as lighting and head position whereas infrared eye trackers use infrared light to identify the position and direction of a person’s eye. Because of the special infrared technology even people who sit in poor lighting conditions or wear glasses can participate without any problems. This isn’t advisable for webcam eye tracking but not to worry, we compiled a list which will help you set up your own webcam eye tracking:

  • Front facing lighting. Make sure that the light source is bright enough to illuminate your face and coming from in front of you. Avoid harsh shadows.
  • Try not to wear glasses. Glasses often reflect the light back and are generally harder to see through which can make it difficult to detect your eyes.
  • Keep your head straight. Try to keep your head cantered and movement minimal. This makes it easier to calculate the position of your pupils.

How does the data form webcam eye tracking compare to infrared eye tracking?

Eye tracking allows you to see things through the eyes of a user. While webcam eye tracking won’t be able to show the precise location of your user’s gaze, it will still give you a great overview of an area that was focused. Want to know if the banner is better seen at the top or bottom of a page? Webcam eye tracking will be able to tell you that. What area of the website do my users focus most on? Webcam eye tracking will tell you that too!

If you are looking for a more detailed eye tracking experience, then infrared eye tracking is the correct choice as it replicates the exact movement of every user’s gaze. Especially when conducting research on user behavior in a lab environment. Want to know if a button was overlooked? What does each user actually read through? These types of questions will be answered with infrared eye tracking.

The main cost drivers for user testing in a lab with eye tracking are hourly rates, tester incentives, and room rentals. In the end, the infrared eye tracking device will account for only a negligible part of the total cost for your project and should not be cut back as the increase in quality of data is immense in comparison to webcam eye tracking. However, if your main focus relies on qualitative user research methods like thinking-aloud then you can test your website or app remotely and use EYEVIDO Lab’s additional webcam eye tracking option.

How can I get started?

Don’t hesitate to create a free test account and try it out for yourself. Or contact us now without any obligation for a comprehensive usability consultation or a special consultation on cloud eye tracking!