06 February 2019


EYEVIDO Test-Tag low price
Omnibus research study - Our new and cost efficient eye tracking option!

Eyetracking is complicated and expensive? Not with us. In March we will launch a new cost-efficient option for eye tracking studies. With our cloud software EYEVIDO Lab, user studies can be carried out flexibly and efficiently – in the lab or on site with a specific target group.
This new offer makes it even easier to conduct small user studies. On the EYEVIDO Test day, our testers take part in your study. You then evaluate the recorded data yourself in the EYEVIDO portal in your browser. Websites, apps, videos and images can be tested.

For our introduction offer on the second of April, the first 10 registrations with one stimulus each, participate for free (regular 250 Euro). So just register on our website or send us an email to info@eyevido.de