08 November 2018

EYEVIDO was represented by the World Usability Day in Hamburg

World Usability Day, Hamburg
Tina and Steffi from the Deutsche Bank gave a lecture on the World Usability Day in Hamburg on the subject of "mobile usability-tests with eyetracking".

Every year on the second of November the World Usability Day takes place worldwide. In total, there are around 200 free events in more than 40 countries worldwide. The event ties a worldwide bond between research, industry, education, administration and users.
This year we were present at the Hamburg location. Steffi from Deutsche Bank and Tina gave a talk on “Mobile Usability Tests with Eyetracking”. They compared existing solutions and EYEVIDO Lab and showed the use of eyetracking in the field of app-testing using the example of Deutsche Bank.
Thanks to the organizer Eparo and the many interested participants! The slides of the presentation are available on Slideshare.