Information on individual subjects

You can view several information about your users in the subjects area of an active or completed study. To open the subjects area, click on “All results” on a study and then on the arrow to the right in the subjects area.

EYEVIDO Lab subjects view

Here you can see the following information:

  • Progress describes what percentage of the study the subject has completed.
  • The eye-tracking quota indicates the ratio of valid eye-tracking data to faulty data. Faulty data can be caused, for example, by reflections in the glasses or an incorrect sitting position. A high eye tracking rate is an indication for a good quality of the eye-tracking data.
  • The eye tracker model indicates which device was used to record.
  • Play screen recordings of a web element with voice recording.
  • You can delete users.
  • Canceled studies can be restarted using a study code.

EYEVIDO Lab information on individual users