Mouse data

Select “Mouse data” to display information about the click behavior of the users. If you only want to see the mouse information, it is recommended to select the “Screenshot” tab for the overview, since otherwise the information is combined with eye tracking and leads to clutter. Click on the arrow next to “Mouse data” to display different information:

  • Clicks: Elements on the web page that have been clicked on by users are marked with a cursor in the shape of a hand. The colors indicate which user has clicked on something on the web page.
    • If a click leads to a new URL, the hand cursor is colored. You can click the hand icon to navigate to the next web element of the user.
    • If a click does not lead to a new URL, the hand cursor turns black. The hand symbol cannot be clicked here.

EYEVIDO Lab Mausklick


  • Mouse path: Shows the mouse movement on the web page. The colors of the paths here also provide information about which user made which movement.
  • Heatmap clicks: The redder the area, the more often it was clicked by the tester.
  • Heatmap mouse movements: Here you can see in which areas of the website the user has moved the mouse the most.
  • Mouse path width: The slider can be used to set the mouse path width.
  • The animation of the mouse data can be played underneath the screenshot. You can choose to play all users at once or only one specific user.