Troubleshooting eye tracking

If the recording of eye movements with the eye tracker does not work, an error message is displayed. Calibration cannot be completed successfully if there are problems. Possible solutions are:

Eye tracking and webcam

  • Make sure that you have only connected one monitor. It may happen that the system assumes the eye tracker or webcam is attached to the other monitor.
  • Select your correct screen resolution when creating a study. If the selected screen resolution is greater than that of the monitor used, the study cannot be performed on that monitor.
  • If the calibration is stuck, restart the tester software.

Tobii eye trackers

  • Perform a calibration with the Tobii software.
  • If you have a tobii EyeX eye tracker make sure to connect it to a USB 3 port.
  • Make sure that you maintain a suitable distance from the monitor during study participation (45 – 100 cm). In the study, a message is displayed if the subject is outside the recording range of the eye tracker.
  • If the eye tracker was not found in the tester software, check that you have downloaded the correct Tobii software.
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