29 May 2018

First Usability-Testessen in Koblenz

Usability-Testessen group
The premiere in Koblenz was a complete success! We hope for a repeat soon. "Test early and often!"

After participate on the Usability-Testessen in Frankfurt in february this year, we were pleased to be the host for the first Testessen in Koblenz.

On this evening, user and developer came together and tested different products and prototypes for their usability while having a cold beer and some pizza. We could welcome more than 30 people and 9 teststations which we resume as a very good start. It was really exciting seeing all the different products the participants brought along and listening to the feedbacks the testers gave.

Thank you to Quäntchen & Glück for originate the idea of the Testessen and to all the teststations and testers for making the evening so entertaining and productive.