Answers to questions

27 May 2021 The answers of all users to questions can be viewed in the timeline of your study. The results can be downloaded as charts or csv datasets. Alternatively, view answers directly in the screenshot of an active or completed study. Open a scene (screenshot with subject data) Click on the question mark symbol in the overview […] [more]

Voice recording

27 May 2021 Each visited web page is saved as a screenshot for every user. The voice recording of users can be played back directly on the screenshots. Open a scene, i.e. a screenshot. Select the user whose voice recording you want to listen to. Click on the play icon in the user overview. Alternatively, you can also […] [more]

Information on individual subjects

18 May 2021 You can view several information about your users in the subjects area of an active or completed study. To open the subjects area, click on “All results” on a study and then on the arrow to the right in the subjects area. Here you can see the following information: Progress describes what percentage of the […] [more]

Screen recording

18 May 2021 A screen recording is created for every web element and saved for each subject. This means that a video is recorded on it showing the screen exactly the way it is seen by the test person. select an active or completed study. Click on “All results”. In the Subjects area, click the arrow on the […] [more]

Merge scenes

18 May 2021 A web session is divided into different scenes, for each of which a screenshot is generated. Merging two scenes connects the user data of two scenes into one scene. Scenes can be merged in the timeline view of the web element. A scene can be merged with the previous or with the following scene. The […] [more]

Black areas in screenshots

18 May 2021 The intelligent screenshots in EYEVIDO Lab automatically extend when the tester scrolls the page. If part of the page is not displayed on the screen (e.g. because a user clicks on the menu and jumps directly to a lower part of the web page) the in-between part of the screenshot is displayed as a black […] [more]

Breadcrumb navigation: Switch between studies and study elements

18 May 2021 In the upper part of the visualization menu, you will find the name of your study. Hover over the name and click on individual elements to view them. You can also switch between studies the same way.   [more]

Save settings

18 May 2021 You can save the exact settings for a current visualization. This allows you to restore visualizations at a later point in time. The saved settings can also be applied to different scenes (e.g. if pages are compared in AB tests). Click the “Visualization” button below the screenshot. Name your setting and click the disk icon […] [more]

Print view

18 May 2021 The print view provides the basis for generating a report of the results of your user study. Here you can view the details of your study (time frame, study design, subject details). Click on “Show all results”. In the “Results” area, click “Print preview”. The print view opens in a new browser window. You can […] [more]

Mouse data

18 May 2021 Select “Mouse data” to display information about the click behavior of the users. If you only want to see the mouse information, it is recommended to select the “Screenshot” tab for the overview, since otherwise the information is combined with eye tracking and leads to clutter. Click on the arrow next to “Mouse data” to […] [more]
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