15 January 2021

How long does it take to find Twitter’s Terms and Conditions?

Heatmap on twitter terms
To be effective, your Terms and Conditions must be easy to understand and shouldn't take too long to find.

Most people think that no one takes the time to read the terms and conditions agreement. We all click on agree without fully understanding what we are agreeing to. Oftentimes, the terms and conditions are also difficult to find and written in a way the average person can’t comprehend.

In light of recent events regarding Trump’s Twitter suspension, we took a look at how long it would take for us at EYEVIDO to find the “Glorification of Violence” policy he violated on Twitter.

On average it took us a bit over 2 minutes and 8 clicks to find the policy. One user couldn’t find the policy at all while another only took about 1 ½ minutes and only 4 clicks.