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Test your native apps. Your product testers operate your app on tablets. Optimize the usability of your native apps at every stage of development - from the click dummy to the finished app.

The participant tests an app on the screen while an eye tracker records the eye movements.
  • Analyze the behavior and perception of your product testers with the help of touch and eye tracking recordings.
  • Add instructional texts, questionnaire elements and other eye tracking recordings on images and websites to your study design.
  • No smartphones needed for testing.
  • Tests with Android or iOS are easy to implement.
  • Individually adjustable for left- and right-handers.
  • Allows familiar operation with thumb or index finger.

User analyses with EYEVIDO Lab and the module

                Mobile App Testing

Recording of complete sessions

Don't miss anything: Recording of complete app testing sessions and display using click paths and advanced screenshots.

Eye tracking, clicks and touch gestures

Analyze the respondents' interaction with your app by recording and understanding visual perception and touch interactions.

Study design with instructions and questionnaire

Create your complete study design with instructional texts and questionnaire elements. It is also possible to add other stimuli such as pictures or a website.

Extensive evaluation options

Benefit from the familiar evaluation options in EYEVIDO Lab, from the various visualization options, through analysis using Areas of Interest to data export for Excel or SPSS.

Simulated Smartphones

EYEVIDO Lab tests native Android or iOS apps on simulated smartphones. These can be click dummies or ready-made apps.

The module Mobile App Testing is optimized for the integration of:

Logo Appetize
Simuliertes Smartphone in Appetize


„Run native mobile apps in your browser”

In Appetize, apps run on iOS or Android simulated on smartphones on screen.

Logo Appetize
Simuliertes Smartphone in Appetize


„Create rich interactive prototypes”

In InVision, the app is created as an interactive click dummy and displayed on the screen as a smartphone click prototype.


EYEVIDO Lab with the "Mobile App Testing" module

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