18 March 2019

New features in EYEVIDO Lab

Eyevido Lab
With the last update, EYEVIDO Lab has again been enhanced with some exciting features, including a virtual tour and a viewport animation

Virtual Tour
The new virtual tour explains how EYEVIDO Lab works in just a few steps. You can experience the virtual tour by registering for a 2-week free account.

New: Viewport Visualization
The viewport is the area of the browser window that is available for displaying the content. The viewport can now be displayed and played for each test person. This allows you to mark the area on the screenshot that was displayed on the test person’s screen at a certain point in time.

Improved Evaluation of Eye Tracking and Mouse Data
When recording data, EYEVIDO Lab recognizes web page elements that are displayed at a fixed position in the browser window. When scrolling, the actual web page content moves behind these fixed elements. EYEVIDO Lab now displays the fixed elements as well as eye tracking and mouse data on the same place for all test persons on the screenshot of the website. Eye tracking and mouse data of different test persons can be visualized and evaluated very efficiently with this new approach.

The new visualization form “Scrollmap” shows how far test persons have scrolled on websites. The scrollmap can also be set to visualize how long the areas of a website were displayed in the browser window. This display is independent of the view data and creates an additional view of the recorded user interactions.