08 August 2017

New Version including further development released

Heatmap Eyetracking
We made some extensive updates and technical improvements!

Last Friday we made some updates, affecting the EYEVIDO web portal as well as the recording tool.
The most appreciable innovation is the way our software creates screenshots of the websites that are to be tested. A unique process has been implemented that creates screenshots, taking into account user interactions, JavaScript events, and eye tracking data.
You are now able to choose how often you want the software to take a screenshot, while conducting the study. Depending on what you would like to test, you can choose between a “high”, “medium” or “low” frequency of taking screenshots. For most websites, the setting “medium” will lead to good results. For a frequently changing gallery of pictures on the other hand, where you’d like to have a screenshot for every single picture, the setting “high” would achieve much better results. This way, you’re able to adjust the study to your individual requirements even better!
Another innovation: Web elements are now able to link to a local storage location, instead of only linking to external websites. For example, “C:\mockups\index.html” is a valid URL for a web element now.
Furthermore, there are numerous other improvements, like a rich text editor for the creation of study descriptions, instructions and questions, a “study log”, which allows licensees to have a better overview on how many studies they have left. A new “timeline view” for the reviewing of the study results provide a clearer overview of all sessions.