04 November 2021

Officially in compliance with Tobii Eye Tracking Data Transparency Policy

Eyetracking eyevido
EYEVIDO Lab met all data safety requirements and is officially in compliance with the Tobii Eye Tracking Data Transparency Policy

We humans can see about seven times sharper than cats, 40 to 60 times more detailed than a rat or goldfish, and about 100 times better than a fly or mosquito. It is safe to say that we as Homo sapiens, heavily rely on our sense of sight to experience our surroundings.
Our eyes quickly jump from place to place whenever something catches our attention. Be it flashing lights at a festival, a stray cat at night, or an incoming car. 

But the outside world isn’t the only place that catches the attention of our gaze. Our eyes transmit just as much information even if we are working from home on our computer screens. 
The things we see on our screens impact how we choose to interact and influence our behavior. 

We use Tobii infrared eye trackers to record exactly what users see on their screen and how long they looked at a certain area. So, if a user read through a text or perhaps completely ignored an ad, we will be able to see their gaze in EYEVIDO Lab. The results provide a deeper understanding of user perception.  

To record high-quality gaze data, the user must behave naturally and not feel any interference during the recording process. This is why we chose Tobii Infrared eye trackers. Infrared light reflections are picked up by the eye tracker’s cameras and calculate exactly where a user looked on the screen while being completely non-invasive. Test users can move their heads around freely and come closer to the screen without fearing the loss of data quality. 
Sometimes, our curious testers will ask us questions about their own eye-tracking data after they took part in one of our usability tests. Whenever we show a tester how precise the infrared eye tracker was able to capture their gaze, we are always met with astonishment because the test felt completely natural to them.  

Because infrared eye-tracking causes no interference during a test it is sometimes easy to forget that anything is being recorded at all. Total transparency and the privacy of our testers are highly important to Tobii and to us, which is why we always ask for explicit permission to allow us to record gaze data as well as provide an indicator in our tool showing whenever the eye tracker is currently recording. 
We are very grateful for all our testers who continuously help us improve the usability of digital products and are honored that they trust us to handle their data respectfully. 

Find us listed on the Tobii website as an official Tobii compliant provider.