18 March 2020

Remote usability testing at home

Eyevido in home office
How to continue conducting usability studies despite the crisis?

Schools are closing, events are being called off and everyone is staying indoors. It feels like the world was brought to a sudden standstill. By now, a lot of us are working from our home offices in self-isolation. We at EYEVIDO are working from our homes as well. Our daily team-meetings, in which we discuss the next steps and what needs to get done, have been moved to an online chat. We can count ourselves lucky, that technology has advanced and allowed us to continue our work even in times of crisis.

Remote usability testing at home
But what does this mean for UX testing? Do UX projects need to be paused? Not at all. Especially in the field of UX, there are many online alternatives. For example, screen sharing, and web-conference sessions can be utilized to generate feedback remotely.

Our cloud software also provides a solution for testing the user experience remotely, from home. The data generated by the test participants is stored on a cloud server. This means that you can create, analyze and evaluate your projects anytime, anywhere.

All your testers have to do, is download our software which records the data. The results will be visible online immediately. We know that not everyone has an eye tracker just casually lying around in their homes. But even without an eye tracker, the latest version of EYEVIDO Lab can record the voice of test participants. Our Thinking-Aloud solution with mouse data and scroll maps is a simple usability test method to understand user behavior and make the UX design process more effective.

UX will continue
We want to encourage you to continue conducting usability studies despite the crisis. Even if you forego eye tracking for the time being, you can continue working on improving usability even in complete self-isolation with various tools. We hope that all of you will get through the next weeks in good health and will be able to do at least the most important things remotely from home.