07 November 2018

Second Usability-Testessen in Koblenz

Usability-Testessen, Koblenz
Test early and often! Many teststations and tester joined the second Usability-Testessen in Koblenz!

The second Usability-Testessen in Koblenz took place on the 7. of November in Rhens. Also this time, it was possible finding many teststations and testers for a great evening. Thank’s to KOLORAT and holzgespür for the invitation and for hosting us. Also EYEVIDO provided a teststation this evening.

Seven teststations, delicious pizza, cola and beer made the event a complete sucess.

Thank’s a lot also to all the testers, that helped EYEVIDO with their constructive comments. We are looking forward to the next Testessen in spring 2019!