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In our practical eye tracking in usability testing seminar we introduce you to the eye tracking technology and the evaluation options.

EYEVIDO Eye Tracking Seminar

Eye tracking analyses allows you to get a glimpse into your customers minds and identify how your content is being consumed. This is highly beneficial information, which you can utilize to optimize the design of your products. By making use of the eye tracking data, you will be able to channel the attention of your viewers, convey information more efficiently and improve the usability of your product. In turn, converting visitors into customers and new customers into returning customers. We will guide you through the technology and different evaluation options in our practical seminar. Learn how to conduct and evaluate your own eye tracking study. Moreover integrate it as a permanent element into your development processes. We shed light on this exciting topic from various perspectives and provide you with valuable, field-tested tips and tricks. Test out the technology on site. After the seminar, our speakers will be happy to answer all your questions in a relaxed round table atmosphere.

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