25 March 2021

Use Case: Deutsche Bank Online Insurance Manager

Use Case Deutsche Bank Heatmap
How do you test the usability of Deutsche Bank's new insurance manager? Read more about this in our use case.

In collaboration with EYEVIDO, Deutsche Bank’s CustomerLab team has been carrying out user studies with eye-tracking for years. Testers complete tasks, in this case, adding a new insurance. EYEVIDO Lab records how they interact with the web page. Eye-tracking detects where testers look at. Usability problems can be identified through this data, for example when information is not perceived, or content is viewed multiple times and evidently not understood.

Several specific usability problems were identified in the data. The insights gained from combining user behavior and Thinking Aloud will help in further optimizing the dashboard to maximize user attention.

Read our complete use case: Deutsche Bank Eye Tracking and Thinking Aloud