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Choose a license that suits your needs.


Plan S

  • For testing EYEVIDO Lab and for small projects
  • Test our cloud software or implement small projects with a defined timeframe
  • term: 1 month


Plan M

  • For temporary projects
  • Test your developed products
  • Typical points in time are the requirements analysis or the final acceptance
  • term: 3 months


Plan L

  • For large projects with longer terms and multiple test phases
  • Integrate eye tracking tests in your project workflow
  • Realize iterative tests and optimize your products
  • term: 6 months


Plan XL

  • For large projects and continuous testing
  • Integrate eye tracking tests into your user-centered development processes
  • Optimize your products and all new developments permanently
  • term: 12 months
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Scope of Services

  • You get full access to the EYEVIDO Portal. Here you can create studies and evaluate them. A dashboard helps you keep track of your studies and product testers. All conveniently via web browser.
  • Use the EYEVIDO Tester Software to carry out your studies during your contract period. Please note the System Requirements.
  • Carry out as many studies as you like with any number of study elements. Study elements are: instructional texts, questionnaire elements (such as open questions or ratings), eye-tracking records on images, videos, apps or websites.
  • Each license contains at least one eye tracker. The tracker will be made available to you during the contract period.
  • If you have any technical problems during the installation of EYEVIDO Tester Software or during the study, please feel free to call us. Each plan includes technical support via phone.
  • We are also happy to support you in terms of content with our Trainings and UX Consulting.

Eye Tracker

In order to ensure reliable data quality, we use eye trackers for the collection of the gaze data.

  • Each license includes one eye tracker. In order to carry out multiple studies at the same time or in different places, you can add as many eye trackers as you like.
  • We only use modern eye tracker with high accuracy and reliability. Even participants with glasses or contact lenses can usually take part in studies without any problems.
  • All eye trackers are provided to you during the contract period. They remain the property of EYEVIDO GmbH and are to be returned at the end of the term.
  • Please note the System Requirements.

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