“Experts at Deutsche Bank’s retail banking can now identify issues with user experiences on websites and applications — and quickly fix them. EYEVIDO Lab helped us to make our services more intuitive, more efficient and more pleasant to use.”

Stefica Sosic, Deutsche Bank

Stefica Sosic
Coordination CustomerLab
Deutsche Bank

“We used EYEVIDO for a UX test of our shop and booked a workshop in advance. This one was very helpful! We were then able to take full advantage of the functions and possibilities of the eye tracker and the associated software and achieved helpful results. We are looking forward to further studies and the upcoming cooperation.”

Marleen Wedler, expondo GmbH

Marleen Wedler
Head of Customer Experience Management
expondo GmbH

“Eyevido enables us to objectively measure advertising impact for our customers in real time. For individual applications and campaigns with multiple media channels, we ensure that the message leads to the desired interaction. Even at the media conception stage, we use eye tracking to ensure an effective customer approach. In this way, we achieve maximum impact for our projects. Our customers appreciate the objective control before the go-live and print production very much, the insights are of considerable importance for market research and media planning.”

Manuel Potter, www.kompagnon.eu

Manuel Potter
Managing Partner
KOMPAGNON communications BP GmbH

“With EYEVIDO’s tracking system our company was able to integrate eye tracking studies into our usability processes for the first time. With this new approach we successfully test products at all stages of the development process”

Dr. Martha Jagoda, MARKANT Handels- und Industriewaren-Vermittlungs AG

Dr. Martha Jagoda
Service Owner User Experience
MARKANT Handels- und Industriewaren-Vermittlungs AG

“EYEVIDO allows us to collect and analyze the brand perception of consumers at various online and offline touch points in order to derive implementation-oriented recommendations for the POS presence and brand communication for our customers. The versatility and intuitive handling of the software makes it easier for us to tailor the test setup for each project individually to the respective questions and thus to realize the ideal test setting for testing our hypotheses.”

Jendrik Röpke, Gruppe Nymphenburg

Jendrik Röpke
Gruppe Nymphenburg Consult AG

“Creating the eye tracking study in accordance with our requirements was easy to do without much technical know-how. Queries were answered quickly and the results were delivered amazingly fast. The analyzed data were understandable and transparent. We were surprised that we could draw first conclusions on how to optimize our website with a survey of only 10 participants – and already implement them. Furthermore, we found the filtering, visualization and analysis functions in the administrative area very helpful.”

Markus Bockhorni, Online Marketing Seminare eMBIS GmbH

Markus Bockhorni
Founder and Managing Director
eMBIS - Akademie für Online Marketing

“We regularly use EYEVIDO lab in projects and for my teaching assignments. Our customers want to know exactly how users operate on their website or in their online shop. With the help of this data, their service can be permanently optimized to achieve the best possible result.”

Rüdiger Frankenberger, Berater und Lehrbeauftragter

Rüdiger Frankenberger
Consultant and Lecturer

“The eye tracking method of Eyevido enables us to test the impact of our communication measures quickly and uncomplicatedly, before starting the campaign. With the delivered data we can make better decisions for or against a design.”

Dieter Eberle, eberle & wollweber COMMUNICATIONS GmbH

Dieter Eberle
eberle & wollweber COMMUNICATIONS GmbH

“With the eye tracking data I gained, I was able to support my research results and visualize them for the readers of my publication. The realization of the study was simple and the software easy to use.”

JProf. Dr. Mario Schaarschmidt, Universität Koblenz-Landau

JProf. Dr. Mario Schaarschmidt
Institut für Management, Universität Koblenz-Landau

“By means to the study of EYEVIDO we could clearly improve our shop. The results were implemented immediately and thereby the conversion rate raised. The eye tracking system from EYEVIDO is perfect for online shops.”

Nils Laue, www.woodtrend.de

Nils Laue

“The UX team of Deutsche Telekom's business customer division used EYEVIDO to optimize the Cloud PBX website. Five customers were invited as test participants. Their behavior was analyzed by recording their gaze and mouse data. In addition to eye tracking, detailed feedback was collected using a questionnaire integrated into the software.
Thanks to EYEVIDO, Telekom employees were able to concentrate on the essentials and thus on the five customers. EYEVIDO Lab automatically guided the five test persons through the study and recorded any interaction with the tested website.
The usability experts concluded that EYEVIDO Lab enabled efficient, uncomplicated evaluation of the data in the EYEVIDO web portal. The test was completed with many new findings and concrete recommendations for improving the Cloud PBX website.”

Deutsche Telekom

Digital Business Online
Deutsche Telekom

Selected customers

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Use Cases

Finances magically simple: App Finanzguru also on the road to success thanks to usability optimizations

Finances magically simple: App Finanzguru also on the road to success thanks to usability optimizations

With the help of usability optimizations, the Finanzguru team ensures that its app is easy to use, trustworthy and fun to use.

Learn more about the case study
EYEVIDO use in the Deutsche Bank customer lab

EYEVIDO use in the Deutsche Bank customer lab

Deutsche Bank is improving its digital products and services through usability analyses with eye tracking. The case study illustrates the close cooperation with our customers, our focus on customer needs and the effective use of our cloud software in corporations.

Learn more about the case study
Optimization of customer campaigns in the outdoor advertising sector

Optimization of customer campaigns in the outdoor advertising sector

awk AUSSENWERBUNG GmbH uses the EYEVIDO technology to optimize poster designs. This is particularly interesting because the viewing time of posters in outdoor advertising is often very short. The advertising impact of customer campaigns can thus be sustainably increased.

Learn more about the case study
Use in university research

Use in university research

JProf. Dr. Mario Schaarschmidt of the University of Koblenz-Landau uses eye tracking as a method in his scientific work. He investigates the visual perception of his product testers in order to investigate his theories. Visualizations from the EYEVIDO software illustrate his results.

Read the scientific publication here
Valuable findings in online marketing

Valuable findings in online marketing

EYEVIDO has already carried out several studies in the area of online marketing for the eMBIS Akademie für Online Marketing. Relevant questions were clarified, such as whether brand advertisements on the own name are worthwhile. Eye tracking is used to investigate whether the attention of visitors can be aroused.

Read the article about the study here