Equip Your Usability Lab

Do you want to open a user lab and are looking for the right software? Record high-quality quantitative and qualitative user data.
Analyze the results all in one tool.


In-house User Testing


Choosing the right equipment and software for your user lab is a must if you want to run robust and successful usability tests. With EYEVIDO Lab, all you need to start testing is a computer with internet access, an eye tracker or webcam to record gaze data, and a microphone.

The equipment in this setup would be:

  • A laptop or computer with internet access
  • A monitor
  • A keyboard
  • A mouse
  • An external webcam or eye-tracker if you want to record gaze data
  • An external or built-in microphone for thinking-aloud user tests


  • EYEVIDO Lab to record user data and analyze the results

EYEVIDO Lab: All-rounder Software for User Testing


Create your usability test directly in the online portal via your browser. You only need a single software, EYEVIDO Lab, to start recording and analyzing a variety of quantitative and qualitative data. After participants take part in your user test in the lab, you can access the data and start analyzing directly in the browser of your computer.

Find out more about each recording method by clicking on the buttons below:

Versatile and Easy to Use


Our patented, and award-winning technology allows you to view the results of each user simultaneously with other users. Don’t waste any more of your valuable time watching screen recording sessions of a single user over and over again. With EYEVIDO Lab, you will see the results from every participant at once!

EYEVIDO Lab is the most diverse usability testing tool on the market. See for yourself: