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08 March 2023

New AIs are opening up greater possibilities for analyzing user data

By integrating eye-tracking data and speech recordings, new possibilities for analyzing user sessions are opening up. With the help of AI, valuable data can be captured and analyzed to gain additional insights into user behavior and needs.

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drop off rate webcam eye tracking
23 August 2022

The importance of over-recruiting in webcam eye tracking

What if you are looking to get quality webcam eye-tracking data from at least ten users, - how many remote testers do you need to recruit? We investigated this question in our most recent study.

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24 May 2022

Why the task is crucial in eye tracking and prediction algorithms don’t make any sense

Is an AI eye tracking heatmap useful for websites? Eye tracking data shows that real users have completely different gaze data depending on the task and the intention strongly influences the search pattern.

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Eyetracking eyevido
04 November 2021

Officially in compliance with Tobii Eye Tracking Data Transparency Policy

EYEVIDO Lab met all data safety requirements and is officially in compliance with the Tobii Eye Tracking Data Transparency Policy

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EYEVIDO predictive eye tracking real eye tracking
24 June 2021

Predictive eye tracking vs regular eye tracking

Can predictive eye tracking yield the same results as regular eye tracking?

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Heatmap billboard eyetracking
16 June 2021

Effective billboard advertising with eye tracking

Measure the effectiveness of outdoor advertising posters with EYEVIDO Lab

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Eyetracking für Aussenwerbung mit awk
11 May 2021

100 eye tracking studies with awk AUSSENWERBUNG

awk AUSSENWERBUNG carries out 100th eye tracking study with EYEVIDO Lab

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Use Case Deutsche Bank Heatmap
25 March 2021

Use Case: Deutsche Bank Online Insurance Manager

How do you test the usability of Deutsche Bank's new insurance manager? Read more about this in our use case.

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17 February 2021

English native speakers wanted

We are looking for several native English speakers for a usability test with eye tracking and voice recording

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eyevido patent
10 February 2021

EYEVIDO now patented

Innovative screenshot solution from EYEVIDO Lab now protected by patent

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