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Our partner test studios will provide you with professional support in conducting your eye tracking studies.


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A successful usability study with eye tracking depends not only on good software but also on suitable test persons.
If you want to relieve your team or if you need a certain target group for your study, then you now have the option to fall back on our partner Teststudios Deutschland, the largest market research service in Germany. With test studios in Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Hamburg, Cologne, Essen, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Bochum, Munich and Berlin, you can choose from ten locations to have your study carried out professionally. You can either book individual test persons or outsource the entire test procedure to a test studio.

As EYEVIDO Lab customer you have several advantages if you use the external service provider Teststudios Deutschland for data collection:

  • Save your own resources by having a partner lab carry out the study.
  • The study will be conducted by experienced studio staff.
  • Leave the subject recruitment to a professional.
  • You don’t need your own lab in your company.
  • The test studios are already equipped with our eye tracking system, you do not need your own hardware.
  • Benefit from special EYEVIDO conditions.

It doesn’t matter whether you book individual test persons or outsource the entire execution to a test studio. Please contact us or Teststudios Deutschland directly. We will be happy to make you an offer.

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