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Eye Tracking with EYEVIDO Lab

The innovative and intelligent cloud software for analyzing and optimizing the user experience with eye tracking

Architecture of the EYEVIDO eye tracking software

Analyze and optimize your products with EYEVIDO Lab:

  • Conduct usability studies with eye tracking and interaction analyses.
  • Easily access your data in the browser. Collect data from any number of eye trackers at any location.
  • Evaluate your data intuitively and quickly on the basis of live screenshots.
  • Integrate questionnaires into your usability studies.
  • Test pictures, videos, websites and apps.

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EYEVIDO Cloud Eye Tracking Software


EYEVIDO Lab measures the intuitive gaze and the interactional behavior in studies with participants. Accurate Data, detailed visualisations and our versatile analyses options create a secure basis for rational and user-centered design optimization.


EYEVIDO Lab encourages you to carry out eye tracking studies on your own. The web portal for creating and evaluating studies is simple and straightforward to navigate. On request, the EYEVIDO team will support you with coaching and consulting.


EYEVIDO Lab is very flexible in use. Collect data from any number of clients equipped with eye tracking devices, regardless of their location. The eye trackers are provided by us. The amount of eye trackers and participants as well as the scope and depth of your study are all freely selectable. Easy collaborative teamwork is made possible thanks to the cloud architecture

How EYEVIDO Lab works

1 Study Design

Tailor the course of your usability study in the web portal to your specific needs.

2Study Execution

Carry out your study with product testers on a client.

3Study Evaluation

Evaluate the recorded data in the web portal.


Stefica Sosic, Deutsche Bank

Stefica Sosic

Coordination Customer Lab
Deutsche Bank

Experts at Deutsche Bank’s retail banking can now identify issues with user experiences on websites and applications — and quickly fix them. EYEVIDO Lab helped us to make our services more intuitive, more efficient and more pleasant to use.

Jendrik Röpke, Gruppe Nymphenburg

Jendrik Röpke

Gruppe Nymphenburg Consult AG

EYEVIDO allows us to collect and analyze the brand perception of consumers at various online and offline touch points in order to derive implementation-oriented recommendations for the POS presence and brand communication for our customers. The versatility and intuitive handling of the software makes it easier for us to tailor the test setup for each project individually to the respective questions and thus to realize the ideal test setting for testing our hypotheses.

JProf. Dr. Mario Schaarschmidt, Universität Koblenz-Landau

JProf. Dr. Mario Schaarschmidt

Juniorprofessor Institut für Management
Universität Koblenz-Landau

With the eye tracking data I gained, I was able to support my research results and visualize them for the readers of my publication. The realization of the study was simple and the software easy to use.

Dieter Eberle, eberle & wollweber COMMUNICATIONS GmbH

Dieter Eberle

eberle & wollweber

The eye tracking method of Eyevido enables us to test the impact of our communication measures quickly and uncomplicatedly, before starting the campaign. With the delivered data we can make better decisions for or against a design.



Customers expect to find their way around websites quickly and easily. Competitors are usually only one click away. As part of usability studies, you can use EYEVIDO Lab to analyze the behaviour of study participants when testing their web presence. Through this way, you gain valuable insights for optimization. Test your projects at every stage of development, from mockup to click dummy to finished website.

Advertising Effectiveness

Which product design is well received and provides the most important information? What do my customers perceive within seconds on my poster? Test ads, posters, flyers, brochures, product design and commercials. Communicate exactly what is important to you. EYEVIDO Lab can also be used without prior knowledge and provides you with objective and reliable key figures.


Recognize when people look at what on the screen. Underpin your research with clear and vivid visualizations. Especially in the field of science, the possibilities to utilize eye tracking can be as versatile as your research projects. EYEVIDO Lab supports you with easy to handle and advanced analyses options.

EYEVIDO Software Licenses

Use our cloud software EYEVIDO Lab in your company.

  • Make use of the web portal and the product testers software.
  • Each license includes an eye tracker, any number of devices can be added.
  • Flexible contract duration from 1 to 12 months.

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EYEVIDO Services

In addition to licensing our cloud software, we support you in your eye tracking projects.

  • Training in usability and eye tracking.
  • Individual consulting and participation in your projects.
  • Data collection according to your target group definition.
  • Realization of your individual studies.

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Logo Deutsche Telekom TechBoost program

Deutsche Telekom TechBoost program 2019

Eyevido is part of Deutsche Telekom’s start-up program. TechBoost accelerates selected technology start-ups with EUR 100,000 credit for the Open Telekom Cloud and offers additional benefits with other Telekom products as well as sales and marketing support.

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Research Project GazeMining 2018-2020

Together with the University of Koblenz, we are researching the future of eye tracking. Learn here more about the project

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Sponsor of Mensch und Computer 2018

At this year’s conference Mensch und Computer 2018 we are sponsors and we are looking forward to one of the biggest HCI conferences in Europe!

EYEVIDO Cloud Eye Tracking

EYEVIDO Lab is an intelligent cloud solution that analyzes user behavior based on eye tracking and user interaction. With the help of this knowledge, the design can be optimized. Viewing and interaction data are precisely measured and convincingly visualized. Various methods are available for evaluation. The obtained data represent an objective basis for decision-making in development processes.

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