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Our eye tracking solution EYEVIDO Lab is used continuously by many customers.

Use Case Deutsche Bank

Use case Deutsche Bank: Eye-tracking and Thinking Aloud

Deutsche Bank, the largest bank in Germany, has been using EYEVIDO Lab for years to optimize their digital services with usability testing. In our use case we show how eye tracking and thinking cloud were used to reduce bounce rates and how sophisticated study design with a change of mockups and test environment can be implemented in EYEVIDO Lab.

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EYEVIDO use in the Deutsche Bank customer lab

Deutsche Bank is improving its digital products and services through usability analyses with eye tracking. The case study illustrates the close cooperation with our customers, our focus on customer needs and the effective use of our cloud software in corporations.

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Optimization of customer campaigns in the outdoor advertising sector

awk AUSSENWERBUNG GmbH uses the EYEVIDO technology to optimize poster designs. This is particularly interesting because the viewing time of posters in outdoor advertising is often very short. The advertising impact of customer campaigns can thus be sustainably increased.

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Use in university research

JProf. Dr. Mario Schaarschmidt of the University of Koblenz-Landau uses eye tracking as a method in his scientific work. He investigates the visual perception of his product testers in order to investigate his theories. Visualizations from the EYEVIDO software illustrate his results.

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Valuable findings in online marketing

EYEVIDO has already carried out several studies in the area of online marketing for the eMBIS Akademie für Online Marketing. Relevant questions were clarified, such as whether brand advertisements on the own name are worthwhile. Eye tracking is used to investigate whether the attention of visitors can be aroused.

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Case Study: Finanzguru App also on the road to success thanks to usability optimizations

With the help of usability optimizations, the Finanzguru team ensures that its app is easy to use, trustworthy and fun to use.

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Article: EYEVIDO introduces new approach to usability testing of Android and iOS smartphone apps

User experience plays an important role in establishing apps on the market. Until now it was very time-consuming to test the usability of smartphone apps. However, a new eye tracking tool now makes visible what was previously mostly hidden. Dr. Tina Walber explains exactly how this works in the article “The invisible becomes visible”.

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Study: Social-Media-Blindness – “I like” Information leaves website visitors cold

Together with the eMBIS Academy for Online Marketing, we show in our latest eye tracking study that “I like” information leaves visitors cold on websites.

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Study: Flexibility versus quality – eye tracking with webcam or eye tracker?

Are webcams a useful alternative to the hardware eye tracker? In our study we show that webcam eye tracking is too inaccurate and less robust to generate reliable data.

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Planung & Analyse Eye Tracking

Article: “Einblicke in der Wolke” (planung&analyse 5/2017)

Eye tracking makes visible how well people find their way around web pages and is an established method of improving the usability.

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Study: AdWords brand ads attract 50 percent more attention

In cooperation with the eMBIS Akademie, we have shown that Google brand advertising on your own company name makes sense.

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