What can be tested?

With Eyevido Lab you can test the whole range of modern media. Whether website, prototype or video, find out how your product is perceived.

Live websites

Set target-URLS, gather feedback and discover problems. Understand where, when and why something was clicked.


Test prototypes of your apps with InVision and Axure or iOS and Android apps with Appetize.io.


Examine commercials or instructional videos based on the gaze of your clients.


Optimize your brochures, flyers, or advertisements through eye-tracking.

Live websites

Test the advertising effectiveness, usability, and clarity of your landing page or your online store. Is your Call-to-Action button being noticed? Discover the areas that users have overlooked on your website and those that have been particularly well-received. Avoid usability errors right from the very beginning of your development process by using click dummies with Axure and InVision in EYEVIDO Lab.

Live website demo


Evaluate the usability of your app. Is your app intuitive and easy to understand? Find out if important information can be found quickly and what leads to confusion. EYEVIDO Lab is fully compatible with Axure, inVision, and Appetize.io.

Live app demo


Analyze the efficiency of your advertising videos. How often is the product being looked at? Is your slogan fixated long enough to be read or do the words disappear too quickly? Verify your assumptions with our range of analysis tools.

Live video demo

Flyer and advertising posters

Optimize the content of your flyers or advertising posters. Is the text easy to read? Can the most important information be recognized immediately? Improve the design and impress your customers with a convincing flyer promotional design.

Live image demo

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