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With the innovative and intelligent usability testing tool EYEVIDO Lab user studies are efficiently conducted. It enables the analysis of user behavior with the evaluation of eye tracking and mouse data, collects feedback in questionnaires and records thinking cloud sessions. All of this is done in automatically running user studies that are conducted remotely or in the lab, moderated or unmoderated.

The data is stored centrally on a server and can be accessed in a browser. Patented data preparation using Artificial Intelligence allows easy access to the recorded data through structured user sessions and accumulated data.

In the online help you can inform yourself about the first steps in EYEVIDO Lab under the point Direct Start and get started directly.

The other help points are structured according to the process of a study, from study creation, to conducting a study with test subjects, to displaying the results and analyzing the user data.

The last point supports you with questions about the user account.

Do you still have questions? Contact us, we are happy to help!

Have a good time with EYEVIDO Lab!