Study conduction

EYEVIDO Lab’s cloud technology allows studies to be conducted remotely or in the Lab. This help point will support you in setting up the study execution in EYEVIDO Lab.

Here you will find instructions on how to install the tester software and hardware such as the infrared eye tracker and microphone.
The tester software is needed to let the testers proceed through the study and record user data (screenshots, mouse data, eye tracking if needed, sound if needed).

If you want to generate eye-tracking recordings, we recommend using an infrared eye tracker, as the data is of higher quality compared to a webcam. We go into more detail about the differences between webcam and infrared eye-tracking in our blog post.
Alternatively, you can also choose not to use eye-tracking and record a Thinking Aloud study using the microphone.
The further help points explain how you can end or restart a study and fix possible sources of error.