Troubleshooting eye tracking

18 May 2021 If the recording of eye movements with the eye tracker does not work, an error message is displayed. Calibration cannot be completed successfully if there are problems. Possible solutions are: Eye tracking and webcam Make sure that you have only connected one monitor. It may happen that the system assumes the eye tracker or webcam […] [more]

Users do not see study

18 May 2021 There may be several reasons why a user does not see a study in the tester software (active study): The study is not shown under “Active studies” or has not yet been started or has already been completed. A study code has been created for the study. Only after this code has been entered, the […] [more]

Delete user data after recording

18 May 2021 Open your study. In the Subjects section below the study details, click the arrow to the right to expand the user details. Select the users you want to delete from the study and click “Delete”. All data of the user will be deleted. This cannot be undone.     [more]

Restart canceled study

18 May 2021 It can happen that studies end abruptly. For example, if the tester software is terminated prematurely. In the portal, open the canceled study. In the Subjects section below the study details, click the arrow to the right to expand the user details. In the case of an abruptly ended study, a study code is automatically […] [more]

Restart study

18 May 2021 You can find your completed studies under “completed studies”. To restart a completed study, select the “Start recording” button. If the number of users who can participate in the study has been reached, but you would still like to record additional testers, you can … edit the study via the gear icon. Increase the number […] [more]

End recording

18 May 2021 The study ends automatically when the number of users has been reached. No more users can then participate via the tester software and the study is moved to “Completed studies”.   To end a study early, you must select the study under “Active studies” and click the “End recording” button. [more]

Start tester software

18 May 2021 Start the tester software and let your subjects enter their age and gender (optional). Select your study and click on “Participate now”. Verify in the system check if all settings are selected correctly (eye tracker or webcam, microphone). [more]

Microphone (Thinking Aloud)

18 May 2021 Make sure you have a built-in or external microphone connected. We recommend using an external microphone during the study session to improve sound quality and avoid background noise. Verify in the system check of the tester software that you have selected the correct microphone. You can check whether your microphone is working by looking at […] [more]

Install tester software

18 May 2021 The tester software is a small program used to display studies and record user data. The results are then visible online in the EYEVIDO portal. IMPORTANT: Install the tester software on the computer that your users will use to participate in the study. In the EYEVIDO portal, click on “Tester software” in the menu on […] [more]

Install eye tracker (Optional)

18 May 2021 Installation Eyetracker Tobii EyeX, 4C Please note the system requirements. The Tobii EyeX requires a USB3 port. Mount the eye tracker below the monitor. You can use the included metal plates for this purpose. The metal plates can be removed without leaving any residue. Install the “Tobii Eye Tracking Core Software”. Under select device, choose […] [more]
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