Data export

18 May 2021 Our data export creates a .csv table of all results from all users. To do this, select an active or completed study. Click on “Show all results”. In the “Results” area, click “Data export”. You can select whether a row of the generated table contains one data set per user or per eye-tracking recording. The […] [more]

Numerical evaluations of the user data in the timeline

18 May 2021 The timeline visualizes the visited web pages of a study in chronological order. The visited web pages are displayed for each user by individual rows in the timeline. To the left of the row, the dwell time and the number of clicks for each user are displayed. Hover over a web element to see the […] [more]

AOI analysis

18 May 2021 Areas of Interest (AOI) are customizable areas within an image, screenshot or video for which certain metrics are calculated. Open a scene (screenshot with user data) and drag a rectangle with the mouse to create an AOI. Please note: The information in an AOI is displayed only for the currently selected subjects in the selected […] [more]
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