Fields of Application


With EYEVIDO Lab, usability studies are carried out across a wide range of fields for different purposes. The recording of stimuli and user interactions in combination with the numerical visualization and analysis possibilities allows for a comprehensive and deep understanding of the user.

Goals When Using EYEVIDO


The software EYEVIDO Lab measures user behavior. This makes the user analysis objective. You concentrate on the evaluation; no more taking notes, descriptions of user behavior and subjective judgments are necessary.

Identify Problems

Through user studies problems can be identified in design and usability. Find out why a button isn’t clicked or why it takes so long to open the shopping cart. Is the most important information about your product even read?
With EYEVIDO Lab your analyses are objective and comprehensible!

Quantifying Problems

With EYEVIDO Lab you can quantify user experience. The wrong button is looked at for 1.2 seconds. 90% of the users don’t see the right link. 10 clicks to reach the online help is too much.
Evaluate user behavior objectively and prioritize according to verifiable criteria!

Communicate Problems

Share the problems you have identified. In presentations or in discussions with management. Visualizations make problems understandable. Numbers are unbiased arguments in discussions.
Back up your findings, convince with objective facts and impressive visualizations!

Test Scenarios: On-Site or Remote

In user tests, potential users and products are brought together. With EYEVIDO Lab different scenarios are supported. The cloud architecture and the autonomous study execution allow user studies to be conducted on-site or remotely.

Do you operate a user lab and carry out studies in your company? Let EYEVIDO Lab assist you by making it easy to structure your study and record user data. Track user behavior and efficiently follow up on each session afterwards.

You want to test remotely? Use EYEVIDO Lab to let testers participate in your study from a distance.

Lab testing

You invite testers into your lab and conduct your study there


  • Control of the environment

  • Direct contact to the test person, e.g. for interviews


  • Testers must come to the lab

  • Possible restrictions due to corona situation

  • Target groups sometimes more difficult to reach


Remote testing

Your testers take part in your study from their home


  • Your testers take part in your study from their home

  • Larger numbers of participants easier to reach

  • Natural behavior in familiar surroundings


  • No direct contact

  • Recording with infrared eye trackers difficult to implement

  • Hardware requirements of testers


Areas of Application


Customers expect to find their way around websites easily and quickly. Competitors are only one click away. Within the scope of usability studies, EYEVIDO Lab analyses the behavior of testers during their web sessions. This lets you gain valuable insights into user behavior, which you can then use for optimization. Test projects at any stage of development, from mock-up, click dummy to the finished website. The investigation and optimization of usability has become a standard procedure for most companies, especially when large sales are generated via websites or when the loyalty of customers is important in industries with highly competitive pressure. In addition, public institutions such as government agencies, with a commitment to offer accessible websites for everyone, must invest in usability.

Typical industries: E-Commerce, banking, usability agencies, public authorities with public websites.

Advertisement Effectiveness

Which product design is well received and conveys the most important information? What do people perceive on my poster within seconds? Test ads, posters, flyers, brochures, product designs and advertising films. Communicate exactly what is important to you. EYEVIDO Lab can be used even without previous knowledge and provides you with objective and reliable key figures. B2C companies that work with traditional information materials such as posters, flyers or brochures use EYEVIDO Lab just as companies that run advertisements and want to make the most of the minimal attention span of visitors.

Typical industries: agencies, retail, e-commerce.

Scientific Research

Examine what people perceive on the screen. Back up your research results with vivid visualizations. Especially in scientific research the fields of application of eye tracking are as diverse as your research projects themselves. Numerical evaluations provide reliable results and further processing in SPSS or EXCEL is easily possible by an export function. EYEVIDO Lab assists you with an easy-to-use system that meets scientific demands. Typical industries: Market research institutes, universities, research facilities.


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