Data evaluation

18 May 2021 Analyze the results online in the Eyevido portal. User data is visualized on screenshots. Choose between heat maps, view paths, attention maps, scroll maps, and create AOIs. Analyze mouse clicks and mouse paths using AOIs. Play the voice recording of the testers.   More about visualization of results and analysis of data [more]

Study execution with the tester software

18 May 2021 You need Windows 7 or Windows 10 for our recording tool. You can find the exact system requirements under System requirements. IMPORTANT: Install the tester software on the computer that your users will use to participate in the study. In the EYEVIDO portal, click on “Tester software” in the menu on the left and install […] [more]

Set up eye tracker (optional)

18 May 2021 Webcam eye tracking You don’t need to set anything up for webcam eye tracking. Our tester software automatically detects the webcam in the system check. Verify in the system check of the tester software that you have selected the correct webcam. The image of the webcam is displayed in the system check. The higher the […] [more]

Study design

18 May 2021 Click on “Create new study” and select whether user data should be recorded via eye tracker, webcam or with voice recording. Add study elements such as web pages, apps, videos, images, questions, and text. Then click on “Start recording” to start the study. Users can now participate in the study in the tester software. More […] [more]


12 May 2021 Studies marked by the bookmark icon in the upper right corner are displayed here. Get an overview of the status of your studies and follow the latest news from our blog. [more]


04 May 2021 test [more]
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