UX Consulting

We support you individually in your projects.


EYEVIDO Training

Training 1: Introduction to EYEVIDO Lab

Technical introduction to our cloud software with support for specific questions.

  • Training takes place via screen sharing.
  • Recommended at the start of a project.
  • Can be arranged at short notice.
  • Topics: Installation and preparation of the system. Introduction to study design and study execution. Insights into data analysis.
  • Duration: about 60 minutes.

Training 2: Introduction to eye tracking studies.

Workshop eye tracking studies – design, implementation, evaluation.

  • Training takes place at your site.
  • Topics: Introduction to eye tracking (eye tracking data, eye tracking systems), planning and conducting usability studies with eye tracking, evaluation of eye tracking data.
  • Workshop has a high portion of practical exercises to implement the acquired knowledge directly with EYEVIDO Lab.
  • Participants: up to 8 persons.
  • Duration: 6 hours.

UX Consultation

Our usability and eye tacking experts support you in your projects:

  • We give you feedback on the studies you have prepared and make suggestions for improvements to the study design.
  • We support you in conducting the study on site. On request, we organize the execution in a laboratory.
  • We assist you to evaluate your data and provide usability feedback.

Individual projects


You are planning an eye-tracking project? We support you with technical know-how and software development.

Technical realization of studies

We regularly execute technically demanding studies. For example, by manipulating a stimulus. We use various technologies for this purpose. For example, we can create A/B studies with any web page.

Screenshot of a manipulated live web page from one of our past studies. On the left with social media element and on the right without “like” comments:

Ausschnitt aus manipulierter Webseite als Stimulus

Ausschnitt aus Webseite als Stimulus