03 July 2019

EYEVIDO Lab in use at Telekom

At the customer café, customers test Telekom's website with eye tracking
At the customer café, customers test Telekom's website with eye tracking

Deutsche Telekom invites customers to the customer café to ask for feedback and input on current products and further developments. Five people take 20 minutes each to answer Telekom’s questions. The UX team from the business customer area used EYEVIDO Lab at the last customer café to optimize the website for the cloud PBX, the telephone channel from the cloud. The behavior of the customers on the website was analyzed using eyetracking and mouse data. In addition, detailed feedback was collected using the integrated questionnaire.

Whereas other teams at the customer café worked exclusively with notes without any software, the eyetracking team was able to concentrate on the essentials. EYEVIDO Lab automatically guided the five respondents through the study, recording any interaction with the tested website. The moderators were only required to answer questions or solve problems. Thus, all five sessions could be carried out within the given time in a concentrated and comparable manner.

Finally, the usability experts were delighted with the uncomplicated use and efficient evaluation of the data in the EYEVIDO web portal. They were able to end the evening with many new insights and can immediately start improving the website.

As Techboost-Startup EYEVIDO uses the Open Telekom Cloud and is happy about the successful cooperation!

Eyetracking Heatmap auf Telekom Webseite