19 January 2021

EYEVIDO Lab Update

We further improved EYEVIDO Lab and made the user interface even more intuitive.

Usability optimization is a never-ending process. As time goes on and technology advances, companies need to keep their usability up to date if they want to keep offering a good user experience. We are not exempt from this rule and are very grateful for the valuable feedback we have received from our customers.

But it is just as important, to review your own products and not shy away from giving yourself constructive feedback. Over the past few years, we have created several use cases by using our own software to help our clients discover usability problems on their websites and apps. Working with our own software put us into the position of the end user and has really helped us understand how to improve our interface.

We have since been refining EYEVIDO Lab and are proud to announce our updated portal. We made a lot of changes to our dashboard and feel that it is much more organized and accessible now. One of the things we focused on was optimizing navigation. For example, we simplified the way to view results and made it easier to quickly access a specific study element. Now you will also be able to edit any element even if users have already participated in your study.

We hope that you find these changes to our software more intuitive and are always grateful to receive your feedback!