09 December 2019

Thinking Aloud Update

Eyevido Lab Update
Eyevido Lab is now able to record microphones

The long wait has come to an end: the great Eyevido Lab “Thinking Aloud Update” is finally online.

One or the other will have noticed that our last update was over half a year ago. In the meantime we weren’t idle. On the contrary, we have been working at full speed on the biggest update from Eyevido Lab so far.

The core of our software lies in the automatic creation of intelligent screenshots of tested websites. This function is unique on the market and saves a lot of time during evaluation.

Besides screenshots and eye tracking also the thoughts of the test persons are helpful for understanding. This is where the “Thinking Aloud” methodology comes in. With this simple procedure, the test persons speak out loud what they see and think. The voice recording provides deep insights into the use of a website.

To be able to record speech, we have an efficient connection for microphones integrated in Eyevido Lab. Parallel the screen content is recorded as a video. The video footage creates the basis for future developments such as transcription of speech and the automatic recognition of dynamic elements using image processing.

Further improvements of the update are:

  • Robustere calibration of the various Eyetracker models (Tobii 4C, Tobii EyeX, Tobii Pro, SMI, myGaze)
  • System check for the control of the eye tracker and Microphones
  • Screenshots contain scrolling in subareas of Websites
  • Further adaptations for InVision and Axure prototypes
  • Study favorites on Dashboard are now available from users self-selectable

With this Eyevido took a huge step forward to become THE top usability tool for user behaviour research on websites. We hope that the innovations will be as useful for your studies as they are for us. and wish you a lot of fun trying it out.